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After spending over 114 cumulative days living on a deserted island as a Survivor contestant, I developed a torrid love affair with a brown skinned, hard, fuzzy…coconut. Leaving my man behind me to return to my life in Los Angeles when the game ended was bittersweet. I knew my natural island beauty would fade once I returned to the harsh pollutants in the water, air, lotions and makeup of the mainland. The thought of losing the clarity I’d gained in my skin, the brightness of the whites of my eyes and teeth and the sweet, delicious scented moisture in my skin and hair was enough to make a girl want to quit the city altogether.

As I contemplated the direction of my life, a new thought entered my mind. What if I just seek out coconut oil, in a jar, from the health food store? Could it really be that easy to get the glowy skin and glossy hair I’d grown accustomed to on the island?

Yes. It is.

Coconut oil is the miracle moisturizer you’ve been seeking, my friends. Stiff arm old man winter with a jar of the good stuff and you will know what all the fuss is about. Slather coconut oil on your skin after a hot shower. Dab a little on your palms and run it through your hair before bed.
Shake things up even more and try cooking with coconut oil for healthy, flavorful dishes.

My favorite brand is Healthy Foods Now Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I also like Barlean’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Find it at your nearest Whole Foods or here on


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NANCY - I sympathize with you, Pavarti. I too am an intestinal sufferer like you. I have been trying things all my life to get the right balance. I can suggest one product that has helped. It is made by Standard Processes and is called SP Complete.
It is ground up vegies and fiber and I add it to my protein drink along with chia seeds. I will try what you have suggested, esp the warm lemon water.

Parvati - Nancy,

Thanks so much for commenting. You’re actually the first comment on the new site!

I will check out your recommendation and recommend you a supplement I have come across called Epicor ( It helps when I travel.


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