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Yearly Archives: 2013

Go Where the Giving is Good.

Hello all you big-hearted souls out there! I’ve been confronted with an issue recently that has provoked me to think deeply about the nature and motivation of my own generosity. Who doesn’t love to think of herself as a giver? In normal measure, being helpful, generous and sharing are all positive attributes. I doubt any […]

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Here We Go Again…

Due to the rip roaring success I’ve encountered post man cleanse, I’ve decided to embark on yet another adventure in tilling my inner landscape. Today marks Day 2 of my kundalini yoga and juice cleanse. As we enter the season of spring, the body naturally wants to release the heaviness we accumulated in the winter […]

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Day 40: Free & Clear

Hey loves! Well, we made it to day 40, the end of the cycle. I’ve learned quite a bit from taking on this self-discipline. I’ve asked and answered many questions that came up for me on this bumpy road to self love, and, as a result, I am much clearer and very happy. More than […]

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