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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Day 28: I’m in Love.

I have turned a major corner with this man-cleanse. At some point probably around day 25, it became so easy to do that I completely forgot that I was even doing it. I have so thoroughly been enjoying the pleasure of my own company that I totally stopped lamenting about not flirting, romancing or dating. […]

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Day 23: I Feel Nothing.

Running into an past flame inevitably brings up some emotional response. Since beginning this cleanse, I’ve run into quite a few exes in the most random circumstances and, each time, I’ve realized I want nothing more from them. I smile, wish them well and run along my merry way. It’s nice to know I’ve done […]

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Day 21: Do Wop.

Today’s Man-Cleanse message comes to you courtesy of my friend, Erika Shay. She sent this little break up diddy to my inbox yesterday and it’s 3 something minutes of utter delight. Enjoy! Day 21: Giddy.  

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