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The Man Fast: Day 3

You know when you have dinner plans at 6pm and it’s 4pm, and you’re already starving but you tell yourself to wait because the delayed gratification will make the meal all the more delicious when you finally get to eat it. After sitting in stop and go traffic, you rush into to the restaurant, ravenous and a little light headed, kiss your friends on the cheek and sit down to order your meals. Meanwhile, that empty pit in your stomach has grown to the size of that awful plastic trash island that’s choking dolphins to death somewhere out in the deep pacific ocean. You then wait a solid 23 minutes for your food to arrive, quickly size up all the other entrees your friends ordered and decide that their choices all look so much more satisfying than yours. After all that buildup and all that eager anticipation, you chose the wrong thing. You then stew in your own dissatisfaction, making everyone miserable, until about halfway into dinner when your blood sugar balances out and you’re able to snap back into the present moment and join in the conversation like a civilized grown up.

That’s pretty much the perfect metaphor for how day 3 went for me. Now that I’ve emptied myself of flirting, dating and sex, I have cleared a space for the universe to fill. We all know the universe abhors a void and if I don’t consciously choose the activities to fill in my empty spaces, the universe will do it for me. Today I chose to attend a workshop focused on the sound current and how certain sounds can be used to open up energetic pathways in the human body. I nodded off half way through class and awoke face down on my yoga mat in a puddle of drool.

When I got home and rehashed my less than thrilling day with my cleansing cohort, Jacqui, she gushed to me about her amazing, exotic, ecstatic afternoon. She delved into a vivid description of a Brazilian dance ritual she joined which began with live drum beats and pelvic thrusting and ended with a sunset fiesta on the beach where all of the other senioritas tossed roses into the ocean and sang out to the dolphins that had joined the party.

Seriously? Just kick me while I’m down, why don’t you.

Naturally, all this talk about gyrating and Latin culture lead us into a hot debate over the self-love rules of this fast. Are we also cutting out pleasuring ourselves? Is it just about clearing out bad habits with regards to our choices in relationships or are we doing this to clear out the distraction of sex and become more focused on our personal growth? After some discussion the decision was made. Sad to say, I’ll be packing away my silver bullet for the next 37 days. I’m fully committed and I want to be very clear with the universe that I am serious about this mission.

On the upside, just because I am choosing to forgo sexy time, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little play time! Sex, romance and flirting are not the only way to get juicy. I am hopping on the Afro-Brazilian dance train tomorrow morning. It’s time to shake my ass and get the blood flowing back in my extremities.

Sometimes boredom is all the motivation we need to bust out and try something wild and new. When everyone else is having more fun than you, it’s time to reassess the way  you are spending your time and spice things up. We have the power to make our lives more enjoyable. Ain’t life grand?

Day 3: Dry.

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Laurel - Really love this idea & think I’m going to try the cleanse as well. Thanks for all the insights!

Tyler - Parvati you are an inspiration. A beauty person inside and out. Keep at it because I know you can. I recently finished a 60 day “woman fast” and this book helped me through some tough times

Good luck on your journey.

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