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The Man Fast: Day 4

What is the purpose of pain in our lives? This has been the big theme of the day as most people in my community are either nursing an injury right now, physically or emotionally. So let’s discuss.

Pain can be physical, such as a broken ankle or it can be emotional, in the case of a broken heart or the cavernous emptiness of isolation. Pain is a signal for us to stop everything we’re doing and take a deeper look. In most cases, the physical pain is the easiest to move through because we can see the place of injury and watch it heal. When we are dealing with areas of emotional pain, it takes a certain amount of self-awareness to first acknowledge that the pain exists, pinpoint where you are feeling the sensation in your body and then take steps to process and heal the internal wound. Emotional injuries cut deep and if we don’t take the time to see them for what they truly are, we can spend the majority of our lives protecting that old wound, and fearfully avoiding things that could be the very medicine we need to heal once and for all. The tricky part about dealing with emotional pain is that you can’t see it. That, and your subconscious is doing a damn good job of keeping that old hurt all covered up for you so that you can continue living in your comfy, predictable ego-bubble where you know exactly who you are and what you think about everything. Our subconscious is made to protect us from harm and this is the part of our brain that screams when someone brings up a topic or person that hurt us in the past. The very thought of a person’s words or situation that inflicted a blow to our sense of selves can cause an uncomfortable physical reaction in our bodies. Holding on to all those layers of protection slows and weighs us down. By allowing the pain to surface, it can be released and we can heal and move forward with a new lightness and confidence.

“If you change the way you look at the things, the things you look at change.”- Wayne Dyer

I’m so thankful that I’m taking this moment to be introspective as life is bringing up some big choices and things to consider right now.

I see pain as a teacher and I know that if I have a physical reaction to something that has hurt me in the past, it’s my body’s way of signaling to me that I need to stop, take a deep breath, relax and process what’s coming up. Pain opens my eyes to the need to ask deeper questions and get clear answers so that I can see the truth and move through the sensation to the other side. It shows me where I can let go.

In my Kundalini teacher training, we practiced white tantric yoga where I would sometimes have to hold a meditation for 62 minutes with my arms straight out by my sides. We aren’t allowed to leave or get up during this time. We would simply have to sit with the experience and watch what our minds were telling us to do. Mine would rage, “get me the hell out of here,” on repeat for the first 5 minutes. Then, I found that the only way I could get through such an intense physical experience was to acknowledge the burning sensation in my shoulders, send my breath right to that spot and consciously make myself relax my straining muscles. The endorphins that flooded my body after one of those meditations shot me right out into the cosmos. It’s the most blissful feeling to come out the other side of something like that, like a rainbow after a tornado. Relax, take a moment, and soften. Embrace pain as a tool for your own growth. Rather than running away from an uncomfortable situation, face it. Take it head on and watch how everything changes and melts away.

Day 4: Breathing through it.


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Matty - I can relate, I’ve had some scars real and emotional. Its hard to heal from them, I am still healing. I wish you much luck and love for today and the days to come!

Francesca - Been reading your ManFast now for the few days, I really love the way you write. I find it interesting to see how this will work, and what you will find out about yourself on your way.
These things you’ve written about, I can relate, and that makes it that much more fun and a pleasure to read about your ManFast each day. :))

Chris - This is really great stuff and applies not only to your journey but to a lot of us in different areas of our lives. After having a lackluster year not meeting any women in 2012 I realised that what I needed to be doing was going out every week and pushing myself to approach and chat, which I’d rarely (if ever) do before. An approach became 1 min of chatting which became 5 mins..etc.. and I’ve just recently managed a date. Getting outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens and rejection is difficult, putting yourself on a plate is difficult but pushing past the pain and discomfort is what we all need to be doing! Keep up with it Parvati love reading about your journey!

VAnessa - I love your posts, they are so inspiring and I learn so much from them! At the moment I’m in a sort of ‘finding myself’ moment, and you are helping me a lot! All I can say is thank you! Take care and be happy ^_^

Cooper - I agree with your thoughts, I think looking back on the past only
re-ignites the pain we felt from it. If you’re currently feeling emotionally stable, than focus on that! We will make mistakes and people will hurt us, but we can move on by realizing that these scars formed us, to who we are today. They teach us to avoid specific things that cause harm to us. Hope you find solace!

nICHOLE - That explains why you were so dang good at those endurance challenges on Survivor!

Parvati - Thank you all so much for your comments. We are all in this world to support one another on this journey. Love you guys!

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