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Day 5: Feeling the Love

Isn’t is sublime how we have friends and family, not to mention random strangers, parking attendants and teachers all at our fingertips available to pull us out of any self-created funk? I am currently living on a little piece of heaven in Venice, affectionately dubbed ‘the ashram.’ I love my home. The people I live with are beautiful, funny, warm, fabulous creatures who truly love and embrace life. In addition to my sunny housemates, there is always a constant stream of guests parading in and out, keeping this lively energy moving. Conversing with all these new people has fast become one of life’s greatest pleasures. I just never know what little nuggets of gold they are going to pass my way.

Here’s one for you:

Day 5: Uplifted.


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Erin - Hi Parvati! I completely identify with you when you speak about how interacting with new people can brighten your day. As a first grade teacher, it’s so easy to zone out when my students are telling me a story because I’m wrapped up in wanting to accomplish everything on my agenda that day. However, I was just thinking today about how refreshing it can be to actually sit down, LISTEN, and have a conversation with a six year old. The way they view the world with open eyes compared to how jaded we can get as adults is so inspiring. Thanks for reminding me of how important it is to embrace authentic conversations & to appreciate this amazing world that we live in!

Parvati - You are so right on! Thank you for being a teacher. I have the utmost respect for you all and the work you do for our children and our country.

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