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Day 6: Open hips. Open minds.

Hey friends!

This post is a little late because I was occupied last night with a gathering of fellow man-cleansers at my house for an impromptu belly dance workshop. Please forgive me.

As dry as my first few days of the cleanse were, without flirting and romance, last night was a plunge into the juicy depths of my own sensuality. And, on top of all that, it’s a killer ab workout. Allow me to burn the image of last night’s workshop into your brain. Six gorgeous goddesses (including the OG man-cleanser & my inspiration Rebecca Cardon), dressed in flowing silk skirts, undulating by candlelight to sensuous middle eastern belly dance music en masse as the fire roars behind us. Open hips. Strong, beautiful bellies. Pure magic-cha-cha-cha.

The new moon on February 10, 2013 marks the beginning of the year of the enigmatic and intuitive snake. This year is all about devoting yourself to making steady progress step by step, with introspection. Now, more than ever, it is essential to check in with yourself often to affirm you are enjoying and learning from the activities and people you are devoting your energy and time to.

We can all benefit from trying something new. Becoming a beginner again opens our creative centers and allows us to release the heavy pressure of being ‘good at’ something. I’m about as much of a belly dancer as John Travolta is a heterosexual, but with the help of a great teacher and an open mind, I was able to undulate my way through the workshop no sweat… ok, just a little sweat.

As children and through adolescence, we are encouraged to get out into the world and try as many activities as possible to find our passion. With consistency, encouragement from our parents, teachers or peers, we become good at our chosen activity (sports, music, art, dance, etc.). Then, at some point, we grow up. Life gets harder. Work takes over. Taking on more responsibility combined with striving to achieve success and establish ourselves as independent adults in a competitive world, separates us from the playful spirit of our youth. Now is the time to get out in the world and try something new. Find an activity that gets you out of your head and into your body, then find a teacher or accountability partner and resolve to stick with it. Keep me posted with your progress and let me know what your favorite new things are.

Don’t wait, undulate!

Day 6: Open. belly dance


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francisco - hi parv I find this post great 😀 since I am graduating high school this year.
And I am new at Yoga and I am in love with it 😀
And at the same time I do yoga I read your blog day by day thanks and greetings from Costa Rica 😀

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