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Day 9 & 10: Snow Bunnies

paula&parvOn a whim, I hopped a flight to Denver to visit my girls for a much needed snowy, ski weekend. Thanks to an amazing app called Kayak, I found a round trip flight for $160 the day before. So, obviously, it was meant to be.

My friend, Paula’s husband, Carl, picked me up at the airport and I proceeded to fill him in about my man-cleanse. His initial reaction, “oh boy, here we go again.” After a few minutes of processing this new development, Carl insisted that he be the one to select my next mate. I actually think it may not be a bad idea. Carl and Paula were married over five years ago and have been one of the most shining examples of balance, respect and fun. They’ve known me since college and have been solid through all my steps and missteps. Having friends like that can really keep you on track when you get lost.

After a wild day of skiing with Paula, who pulled an impressive front flip, face plant, we decided to decompress at an apres ski lodge where we were joined by a troupe of lumberjacks led by Paula’s husband, Carl and a few more lovely ladies who had just arrived from Denver. Since beginning this experiment, I’ve had a chance to objectively observe myself in social settings. Where I would normally act on impulse, I am taking a moment to check in with myself and keep myself on track with this commitment. It makes these days feel like a fun game of getting to know me. I socialized in a friendly way with the guys and reconnected with my girlfriends.

Day 9&10: Connected.

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Foxtrot - Hey Parvati. I heard that you are hosting the Survivor Live After Show. Is this true?

Parvati - True 🙂

Valerie Mari - Hi, where were you in the mountains?

Parvati - Beautiful Vail.

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