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Day 14: Slow & Steady

Life is all about relationships. Our relationships with other people and our relationship to the world around us are what define us as individuals. Think about it. What would your life be like if you had zero relationships? It would be no life at all, really.

I’ve decided to check up on my relationship to time. It’s a little messed up. I put all this pressure on time to give me what I want at the exact moment that I want it, and if time doesn’t feel like doing it right then, I get irritated. I pout or yell about time’s laziness. Why can’t time just be on my side? Why does time always have to do things his way? It’s rude. If time asked me for an incredible new project to work on, a good news phone call or to wash his dirty clothes, I would get right on that for him. Why won’t time just reciprocate with the instant gratification I ask of him? With this kind of crazy pressure, no wonder time doesn’t want to be around for me very much. It must be exhausting to always have someone demanding more and more of you and never being satisfied.

Time is meaningful because it directly relates to our life span expectancy as human beings and how we fit into this whole cosmic plan. We have just enough time here to learn and experience what we came here to do and to help elevate and move the evolutionary flow of this planet forward for the next generation. In our own individual lives, time works how and when he feels like working and there is not much we can do to rush him along. The only control that we have is in adjusting our relationship to time. This world is spinning fast and the years are flying by even faster.

I’ve realized the only way for me to get any semblance of control in my life is to sit down, quiet my mind and consciously relax every muscle in my body. I meditate to slow down time, to shake his hand and let him know I respect his process. I meditate to regain my own sense of power. The slower I breathe, the longer I’m able to stretch time. As my rapid-fire brain settles down, I become aware of the lifetimes I have before and behind me. I see where I fit into this universal plan and, with this perspective, all the little details that were previously stressing me out, don’t matter anymore. I need to meditate because it makes me feel whole, calm and safe. I need it because time doesn’t always give me what I want right away. Sometimes he makes me wait until I’ve learned some valuable lesson so that I am prepared to receive the gifts he has in store for me.

Day 14: Meditative.meditation

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FOXTROT - Good debut episode of Survivor Live After Show Parvati. Understandably, you possibly limited your Valentines Day to chocolates with Ozzy but it’s still my favorite Valentines Day special of any show ever. No exaggeration. There wasn’t romance but there was the enjoying of a common interest (Survivor) in peace and happiness and creating good memories which is the real point of relationships, in my opinion.

Parvati - Thanks! We had a good time together.

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