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Day 15: Surviving Valentine’s Day

Hi babies!

Valentine’s Day is not an ideal holiday to be man-cleansing on. Thankfully, I had work to do so I couldn’t dwell on my date-less situation. I am hosting the Survivor After Show and my dear frSAS_2601_Parvati_Ozzy_8iend and fellow Survivor, Oscar Lusth, joined me at the studio as my first guest.  The perpetual Casanova, Ozzy showed up with a long stem rose for me and I humbly presented him with my giant heart full of chocolatey goodness. Who needs a man when you have work, roses and chocolate? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

Check out the premiere episode of the Survivor After Show at:

Day 15: Working Girl.


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Brad - Parvati, I saw you are no longer boxing? So you’re not giving lessons at your spa anymore? That makes me sad, I wanted to go!

Parvati - I haven’t been able to box since my wrist injury. I miss it so much!

Brad - would you say you’re retired, or just on a break?

Nichole - Looks like Ozzy didn’t know about your man cleanse. He was tryin’ to flirt pretty bad! You stayed strong though, I must say. Props to you!

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