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Day 20: Half-Way to Heaven

Out of the darkness and into the light.

The flu induced delirium of the past 5 days has begun to subside and I can now see clearly enough to focus one eyeball and write this blog. I’ve been in a time warp since Valentine’s day. Days and nights have all blurred together, until, apparently, we are half way through this man-cleanse! Thank God. I have to admit the past 5 days of man-cleansing have been a breeze. I haven’t even thought of it, or anything else, for that matter. My mind has been a hostile petri dish of whatever sickness has invaded my cellular structure. Now, I’m winning and regaining the strength to remember my quest.

So, why am I doing this again?

I’m doing this because I want to be abundantly clear that I am ready to meet a strong, honest, committed, loving man who is walking his path (not just talking about all the great things he’s going to do) and is ready to find his partner. Los Angeles is a city full of talkers. It’s like everybody took that phrase ‘fake it til you make it’ to heart and made it their personal motto. Everyone here is trying to get somewhere or be someone they haven’t yet become. Even when they do become the person they set out to be, they don’t really know if it’s real because everyone just tells you what you want to hear no matter what. It’s such a breath of fresh air when I meet someone who actually says what they think and tells the truth. Seriously, I adore honesty. It’s a delicious quality in a person.

The second reason I’m on this journey is to stop myself from impulsively jumping into things despite numerous red flags.  I am really good at finding the silver lining in a situation and I can sell myself on anything if I want it bad enough. This cleanse is slowing me down so that I don’t give my attention and time to those things that aren’t right and is allowing me to focus my efforts on the direction I want my life to take.

All good things come to those who wait.

Day 20: Patience Pays.


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