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Day 23: I Feel Nothing.

Running into an past flame inevitably brings up some emotional response. Since beginning this cleanse, I’ve run into quite a few exes in the most random circumstances and, each time, I’ve realized I want nothing more from them. I smile, wish them well and run along my merry way. It’s nice to know I’ve done so much closet cleaning that these men illicit a bland reaction of warmth and tepid friendliness. How lovely. It’s rare that I feel nothing. I have very extreme emotional responses in life, so this kind of flat line is quite strange, but I respect it. Maybe it’s an after effect of being sick.

Here’s a brain teaser for all my single ladies and men out there. If you were offered a deal that included the knowledge that you would meet your soul mate/love of your life guaranteed in 5 years time, would you take the deal or would you play the odds that you may meet that person sooner and forfeit knowing when?

Day 23: Bland.


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Micaela - I feel like I would take the 5 year guarantee, because that would make me 23, which seems like a really good/early age to meet a soul mate, no?

Gwyneth - I’d rather focus on building a good relationship with myself, family and friends. Than wait around for a fairytale fantasy.

Francesca - I’d take the deal aswell, since in 5years I’ll be 25. It would be just the right time!

Elyse - I’m worth the wait I promise!

Rich - I’d take the deal but to be honest, I’d rather be single. Sad to say but many of my friends both male and female are married and miserable. I’m single and happy.

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