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Day 29: Temptation.

Why does the ultimate temptation always show up when you are completely committed, thinking: all is perfect, I am sailing through this challenge and nothing could possibly interrupt my flow? On Survivor, Jeff would sometimes offer us nutritionally deprived castaways a plate of donuts or platter of cookies and milk in exchange for stepping out of a challenge. Inevitably, some poor schmuck would take the bait, thinking he’s all good, and then get voted out that night at tribal council with the heavy karmic imprint of realizing he’d just traded a million bucks for a chocolate chip cookie. We know we are risking complete and total failure when we succumb to temptation. Why, then, do we fall prey to this devilish force, when we know, whole heartedly,  that the payoff of playing with full commitment to the end will lead to much greater rewards? When you’re ravenous and every cell in your being is screaming, “TAKE THE COOKIE!!” — what is it that keeps a person set on the goal and unwavering in her choice to stay in the challenge? Is stepping out and accepting this type of instant gratification a sort of unconscious statement of our own self worth or lack thereof? Or is taking the temptation with disregard to the bigger goal just a lack of self-discipline? The good news is, no matter the answer, we have the power to strengthen both our own self-confidence and discipline through setting and attaining goals. People are constantly striving to be better, to grow. We set New Year’s resolutions, birthday month resolutions, career and fitness goals in order to show us where we can be once we put our potential into practice. We’ve just got to stay the course and know that it gets easier.

Through my yoga practice, I have learned the value of consistency, diligence and discipline. I know that when I practice, I get stronger, more centered and compassionate and I am able to take what I learn on my mat out into my daily life. I use what I learn about myself in my yoga classes to deal with difficult people, to handle bad traffic and to choose whether it’s worth it or not to ‘take the cookie,’ so to speak. So, what happens when a girl who is happily cruising through day 29 of her man-cleanse, jumps in a late night yoga class to thank her divine source for guiding her in the direction of her evolution and is kicked flat in the face by the hotness, sex appeal and hands-on adjustments of the most gorgeous, conscious, yoga teacher life has ever provided her? What’s a girl to do, then?

To take the cookie or not to take the cookie? That is the question.

Day 29: Tempted.

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Chandler McCorkindale - I don’t think you should take the proverbial cookie, even though it may be the greatest looking cookie in the world. If the cookie is really worth having it will be sitting on the stove cooling for the next 11 days waiting for you then to finally take a bite. You seem to be learning so much about yourself through this experiment, and I feel that if you cave in now you will regret and some of your readers may disappointed with you. It has been fascinating for me to read this blog and see how far you can push yourself. So I say stay with it and east cookies later. Although I’m sure Angie Layton would be quick to disagree with my advice…

Chandler McCorkindale - gotta love late night grammar…

Jaym Esch (@JaymEsch) - I certainly can’t offer any advice- you’re talking about temptation on Day 29… I’m on Day 5,704 of involuntary celibacy. (No, that’s not a typo, that would be 15 years, 7 months, 10 days (if I’m recalling the correct date after so long.)

You’re a far stronger person than me. If your cleanse is important to you, you can easily manage another 11 days!

At least you have a choice in the matter. Choose wisely, and be happy with your choice.

Stoked - Don’t do it. It’ll just cost you a million bucks! Sucks if you get tempted at the 29th day already (its too far to quit :>) …. Hi! Haha

elyse - What kind of cookie are we talking here? Like an oatmeal one would be really tough to resist mm… now I actually feel like a cookie, thanks. Ya, I wouldn’t be too good on Survivor.
You’re a great writer!

Fazzy B - It seems to me that you’re developing a new sense of sexuality in addition to the one you’ve already developed. I would continue to explore what you’re discovering about yourself and continue. I think Post-man cleanse Parvati will be very seductive. A girl who really knows who she is, is very sexy. You are in fact developing a greater sense of inner peace, self respect and strength that you may have been previously unaware of. This new self-awareness itself will become quite intoxicating to all the Cookies. Keep going. and enjoy the cookie’s presence, his potential and all that fun that comes with it. After all, in 11 days you can not only remain the beautiful person that your are now, with an intoxicating sensuality, but both you will know you can control yourself and stay determined. That I imagine, will bring a very coy and fun sense of self awareness – very flattering for your Character. This little experiment is making your stronger, more attractive and than ever (including to yourself..your self awareness and character will make you the sexiest person in the room to you…and you’ll enjoy Cookies even more)…but keep going to this class. This cookie might appreciate all of You. x

My Prediction for Day 41: Self-Fulfilled x

Tyler Cliffs - That is a difficult question. I want to say you shouldn’t give in but at the same time if I was in a tempting situation like you were in I probably wouldn’t have the strength to resist. I recently watched a documentary about eating healthier. It was very interesting and one of its main points was that diets don’t work because the temptation to eat other foods becomes too great until you pig out on them and end up right back at square one. Instead of dieting it said to throw in healthy foods into your diet and the healthy foods will then crowd out the junk food. I think this man cleanse is great for you but it’s much like a diet. You shouldn’t go cold turkey. You should give in every now and again until the happiness you experience without a man crowds out your desires for a man.

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