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Day 40: Free & Clear

Hey loves!

Well, we made it to day 40, the end of the cycle. I’ve learned quite a bit from taking on this self-discipline. I’ve asked and answered many questions that came up for me on this bumpy road to self love, and, as a result, I am much clearer and very happy. More than anything, what I will be taking away from this man-cleanse is acceptance, patience and surrender. Completely stopping a behavior that was on auto pilot gave me a chance to check in with myself and realize the patterns of thought and habits that were not serving my goals for the future. I cut ties to needing validation or attention from a man and am now finding enough love within myself to make clear choices in the romance department. I am committed to allowing life and love to unfold at it’s own pace and, when I’m feeling frustrated or impatient, I turn to meditation, yoga, service, work and community. Life happens, everyday. Everything changes and we have to grow in order to fulfill our highest potential and achieve our dreams. Change and the unknown can bring up so much fear for us that some of us turn toward settling with a relationship that gives them some sense of security. I’ve seen how these types of relationships crumble, because they aren’t built on the strength and truth of love, they are built on the frailty and illusion of fear. The only way to overcome fear and to have the life we wish for ourselves is to turn and face our fears. Take a chance and bravely face the unknown. The universe has much greater plans for you than you could ever imagine. Be open. Prepare. Take risks. Be Patient. Don’t settle.

I now have a very strong desire to be right where I’m at– in this phase of my life. I am learning and growing and enjoying being single. I know that my ultimate goal is to marry the love of my life and have a family, but right now, I’m full of faith that all is as it should be. Through this cleanse, yoga, meditation, compassionate and supportive friends, family and listening to my own intuition, I am back to trusting (not rushing) the process. With this attitude, I am able to relax and be fully present and engaged in life, taking it as it comes. Suffering stems from wishing the circumstances of your life to be different than they actually are. If your inner voice is guiding you to make changes in your life, listen up and take action. Happiness is a choice we make. It takes work to undo that nasty little condemning voice inside our heads, but when we commit to making happiness our only goal, everything in life falls into place. When you’re happy and relaxed, you give others permission to be happy also. We’re all in this together and our state of mind truly does affect the world more than we know. Make your own commitment to serve your happiness and watch how life begins to work out for you.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me. Your comments and support have been immensely helpful. I wish you all great, big, juicy love!

Day 40: Liberated.heart_space

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jamie - Um, if you need help breaking the fast…

greg - Hi Parvati – Thank you for this inspiring journal; it takes great courage to be very honest with yourself and to share those thoughts with the public.

I’m actually about to graduate with an MBA, and I’ve also been in a very reflective state – especially because success and happiness seem to be the main theme for any graduating student. Thus, this semester I’ve been thinking about what makes me happy, and that’s really the close, supportive community of family and friends; this community is also a place that I can contribute to make it better. It’s the variety – the new experiences to be had virtually anywhere. And its routine mediation on compassion and being grateful for everything.

Before school it was the corporate world for me, where money, status, and girls were tops. Those things still have value, but not nearly as much – nor as important – as before.

Thanks again for sharing this particular journey with us; although we all go through similar struggles, it’s great to know that people are willing to share their experiences to help others.

Archie - Thanks Parvati for opening up your mind to us.

I went through the same process a couple of years ago. Seeking peoples’ (esp female) acceptance put me on the path to self destruction. It becomes an addiction (like smoking, drinking etc) and soon enough one can’t live without it.

Most importantly the process taught me self respect. “Mr Time” will take care of the rest.

All the best and god bless.

Jorden - Yo Parv. You smashed it hey! I followed you along for the ride and I can see that you have become stronger over the past 40 days. Thanks for being public with it, it was a great insight into life. Keep updating through the year and keep up the awesome work 🙂 Cheers.

MANNY - really love reading ur posts, u’re honest, funny and uplifting, now that ur man fast is over i can tell u: parv, i love u 🙂

chevelle - I let the man of my dreams get away and this 40 day cleanse seems just what i need to love myself again…you are an inspiration.

Jonathan - Hi Parvati, It is good to see your path is leading you to a higher state. Honestly, I’m checking out your site because I think that you are hot. I checked out the 40 day man cleanse post because I thought that you posted a cleanse for your man followers. Now, I see that you are learning self love. This makes me happy. Heard of any good cleanses for men?

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