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The Heart Rules

From Naomi:

Hey Parvati, I was wondering do you go with your gut or heart in decisions? Or does it just depend. Please elaborate.

Dear Naomi,

Your heart holds the essence of who you are.

My heart tells me what I truly want by expanding and getting lighter when some activity, person or place strikes a chord within me. When I tap into and listen to my heart’s wisdom, I am always in the right place at the right time.

Listening to your heart can be tricky because sometimes we chase our dreams and get rejected. Rejection hurts, and when we have our feelings hurt, our heart’s natural tendency is to close up and protect itself, pushing away the thing that rejected us. I don’t know about you, but I’m an emotional being. If I allow my emotions to dictate my actions, I can get in big trouble. I’ve learned that the more time I devote to fostering a relationship with my heart the more I can trust myself to not make any impulsive, destructive moves out of fear.

It’s our challenge to get very still in moments of contraction caused by fear, hurt, or anger. If we can be quiet and understand what caused the pain, we can realize that it’s ok to feel these emotions, and we can conti


nue to move forward in life with wide open hearts. Trust me, when you’re hurting, this takes work. You have to consciously move toward opening your heart, pulling your shoulders back and expanding your chest.

Above all, you must do the thing that your heart is telling you to do.

Your gut works as an ally to your heart. Your gut is your power center. It houses your instinctive reactions to your environment and helps you make quick, powerful decisions about people and opportunites.

Get in touch with your body. When you strengthen your core with physical exercise (like pilates, dance, or spinning) you will also strengthen your personal power. You will become more courageous and begin to trust yourself as you make a strong connection with your body’s natural wisdom and your ability to make intuitive choices in life.

Thanks for the fantastic question!

I’d love to hear from all of you about how you make decisions. Where does your head fit in with your decision making? Is it all heart for you or is your gut in control, too?



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Norman Ogden - Yes my guru master ,your one speacial Lady, did you ever hear of ann landers she s has nothing on you ,whats next ? thanks parvati —craig

Kristin - Hi Parvati! I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your new haircut! Sooo cute!
I love your blog and I really need your help! PLEASE! What advice do you have to help me get out of my depression, gain my self-confidence back, and getting back into shape? I have tried different diets and workout programs but they didn’t really work.
I have pretty much lost all self-confidence and I feel so depressed and unhappy all the time. It’s impossible to get myself motivated especially when I feel so horrible about myself. In today’s society there are so many negative forces helping you to feel down on yourself; not to mention other girls our age making you feel that way as well. I just feel like my overall well-being needs to be reawakened. I feel like I’m just a big mess and feel like I am in such a dark pit that I need to get my mind, body, heart and soul out of and get back to the happy, outgoing girl I use to be.
I look forward to your help!
P.S. you are still the Queen of Survivor =)
<3 Kristin <3

Tyler Cliff - Hey! Your insight is very heart warming and positive. That kind of soul food keeps me going. Much appreciated. Also I agree with you on the gut vs. heart controversy. Most people follow their gut when in situations where they need to make quick and important decisions. Other times people might not follow their hearts but their heads, which is a pity.

Parvati - Hi Kristin- If you have been happy and outgoing in the past, you can be that again. Just start with one thing. Focus on what you want to become, not what is holding you back. Make a vision board by cutting out pictures from magazines that make you feel happy and excited about life. Surround yourself with people, colors, and images that uplift you. Remove yourself from negative situations. Happiness is a choice you make. You are in control of what you focus on and what you pay attention to will grow. I hope this helps!

Kristin - Parvati, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your advice with me; I know you are a very busy girl and it means so much to me to hear back from you. You are such an inspiration to me and I will definitely try your suggestions. I feel like I have so much I want to ask you so I may be asking for your help again in the near future.

Lou - Wow, what an amazing answer. I randomly came across this today and it’s perfect advice at a perfect time. Thank you.

洪嘉駿 - Love u Parvati

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