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Beginning to meditate

There is quite the buzz around meditation these days. More and more studies are showing that meditation can actually help to make us sharper, calmer, more able to respond to life’s challenges and can help to transform our brains for the better.

After my third experience on Survivor, I was in dire need of a brain fix. Playing Heroes vs Villains wiped me out. I was physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt when I returned home after that game. My life had become exponentially more stressful, and I was having a hard time staying balanced and happy.

For a long time, I avoided committing to a meditation practice because I was already doing yoga, and I thought that was enough. But, after returning from Survivor the last time, I realized I needed to do something more. I needed help to regain my strength, my mental clarity and my connection to love. So I started meditating.

Beginning to meditate can seem daunting. Our minds are really wild, crazy animals that need to be trained and directed. How do we harness something that seems to have all the power??

Focusing on the breath is a great way to dip your toe into starting to meditate. Our breath can give a rhythm to pay attention to as we sit in meditation and start to calm our minds and relax our bodies.

This breath practice, called alternate nostril breathing, is a beautiful meditation for beginners. Give it a shot and see how you feel. Then try making the commitment to do this meditation every day for the next 10 days.

Watch yourself grow stronger and more able to handle stress as this becomes a regular part of your life.

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Jo - Thanks, Lady! I recently lost a friend’s daughter to a violent suicide, and it’s definitely thrown a mental challenge my way, not to mention my friend! The grieving process is not easy, and while it’s phases can resemble that of what has been publicized as what is to be expected; it doesn’t always work out that way.
I truly appreciate your recent post to fb challenging women to try to train our minds to think differently through the process of meditation. Thank you for being a strong and inspiring woman, Parvati!

Howard k - 10 days to try it okay cool but for how long each day, 5, 10, 20?

Parvati - Do it for the full 11 minutes. You can keep using the video or do it on your own.

Parvati - I’m so sorry for your loss. That must be extremely difficult. I hope this meditation can help you breathe through it.

Tillie - Exam week is next week at LSU… Beginning to pull my hair out lol, definitely going to try to meditate

Petra - Hi Parvati, thank you so much for this meditation. You are such an inspiration to me. I loved you since I saw you on Survivor and now love you even more since I got into spirituality and my own growth. I would like to ask you if you found your way into spirituality after Survivor or if it was already before that experience?

Brian Armstrong - Hey Parvati, thank you sooooo much for doing this. You have always been an inspiration to me, and now in hoping you can help me get emotionally and physically healthy, too. :

Quick question, is there an ideal time of day for yoga?

Vincent M - You’re my favorite Female Survivor winner Parvs. 🙂 keep it up. The video is really helpful 🙂

Joshua Berwald - Great article, Parvati. Congratulations on all your success.

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