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Digging Deep

“You gotta dig deep.”

It’s one of Survivor host Jeff Probst’s favorite phrases, and I’ve found that I constantly dig deep no matter if I’m challenging myself physically or connecting in conversation with a stranger. It’s important to know that no matter how far you go, there are always deeper layers to uncover.

This is what mediation is all about. In the beginning we skim the surface of our mind, watching the mental chatter and maybe getting carried away with it for a bit. Then, as we sit in meditation day by day, our minds start to relax, the resistance fades and we can drop into a deeper connection with ourselves. Here, in these quiet, still, deeper layers, we find the steady truth of our own nature. We are calm. We are powerful. We know who and what we are. We touch our greatness in these moments of deep connection.

If you’re encountering resistance to starting a meditation or yoga practice, please know that this is normal. Acknowledge the resistance. Notice the urge to get up and get out. And, continue to breathe. Dig deep. Then, dig a little deeper. Find your willpower to keep you in it. Stay in it. Breathe through it. And, relax into the void, into the deep unexplored parts of yourself. Begin the conversation with your soul, and discover your immense power.

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