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Yearly Archives: 2016

Do This To Feel Your Best!

I am excited to share that I rocked my Paleo detox! I finished the 30 day journey last week, and I’d like to share some key takeaways with you. I know that some of you, like me, have been struggling with slow digestive systems, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, and skin breakouts. When I started the […]

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Week One Update – Paleo Detox

Wow! What a difference a week makes! Here’s the scoop about how I’ve been handling my paleo detox. Remember, I’ve committed to a strict 30 day no grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol or added sweeteners…yikes. I’ve been traveling a bit, so I was worried this whole house of cards was going to crumble around me. But, […]

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Go With The Flow

We all have moments in life when we expect something to be amazing, and then it’s just not. Our expectations can really set us up for a big punch in the face sometimes. For me, this weekend, I had one of those moments. I was really really excited about something, and it was so so […]

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