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Are You Pregnant Or Do You Know Someone Who Is?

As creative vessels to bring human life into the world, women have a great role to play. When a woman becomes pregnant, immediately, her life is no longer her own. She instantly steps into a great lineage of mothers. All those who have walked the path of motherhood stand behind her, supporting her in her new journey.

But, sometimes, when life hits us over the head with a massive event, like pregnancy, we can’t sense this support. We may feel alone and really scared. I’ve watched many of my friends go through the transition from woman to mother. Some can move through the identity shift with grace and some struggle.

In the first months of pregnancy, the baby’s brain and nervous system start developing, and women take folic acid and supplements to support this development. But, do we understand the importance of developing our own healthy responses to stress while pregnant? The baby is a sensitive being, and when we are in states of high stress, the baby’s brain development can be negatively impacted. As we learn to process our stress and bring ourselves back to a baseline of calm, our baby will begin to develop a healthy stress response as well.

Steeped in the power and tradition of kundalini yoga, Calling in the Soul is an experience for pregnant women to step into their new role as mothers. The experience involves connecting to the spirit of the great mothers who have come before us, and serves to create a strong, healthy bond with the baby that we are growing within us.

With this ritual, we will learn a meditation to help calm and center us when we are feeling overwhelmed, and with this practice, we will support the healthy development of our growing baby.

Additionally, each woman will receive a beautiful sri yantra mala necklace, handmade in India, as a symbol of her strength and power.

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