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Go With The Flow

We all have moments in life when we expect something to be amazing, and then it’s just not. Our expectations can really set us up for a big punch in the face sometimes.

For me, this weekend, I had one of those moments. I was really really excited about something, and it was so so bad. I went home deflated, and just sat on the couch for a daytime episode of Narcos Season 2. Why not?

When I got through the madness of Pablo Escobar’s story, I had a chance to process my prior letdown. I could let this situation fester within me. I could indulge my anger and complain about it to anyone who would commiserate with me. Or, I could bounce on my trampoline for a few minutes, quickly list a few things I’m grateful for, and let it go.

The thing is, we have to take chances in life and try new things in order to grow and to find what really lights us up. When we do that, we open ourselves to disappointment. But, sometimes we can use that feeling to pull ourselves up and strengthen our resilience.

We need disappointment, and we need failure to find what works.

I recently read a quote by the beautiful genius Mary Oliver “Everything takes the time it takes. Don’t worry.”

I find so much comfort in this quote. It’s like a sigh of relief and a reminder to just relax and go with the flow.

PS. In case you were wondering, I’m still on my paleo 30 day reset diet, and I’m loving it. My skin looks better already! More on that tomorrow…

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Shanghai kate hellenbrand - I am more anxious about your impending BIG announcement…please let it be about an appearance again on TV. Miss seeing you regularly. Love you. Best wishes.

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