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Receiving With Grace

As the seasons change, and spring charges full steam ahead, some of us are losing our minds as well as our health.

What can we do to face these transitions with more ease and a sense of lightness?

There is something we can do to regain our sense of calm and balance amidst chaos.

Do you know what it is?

You have the capacity to shift your state from crazy to chill in less than 3 minutes.

Believe that!

To calm down the crazy train, find a quiet space to sit and close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths and give thanks to the universe or the creator for granting you the gift of breath.

Repeat inside your mind, “I’ve done nothing to earn my inhale, it simply comes. Thank you.”

Then, offer your exhale as a gift. Say in your mind, “I give back that which I receive.”

And, there is your cycle.

Do this for 3 full minutes, and watch how your mind and body will relax. Your heart opens up.

Love to you all!


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Mark - I do this often – in the car, at work, where ever. Did you know by inhaling deeply for 2-3 sec. and exhaling for 4-6 sec. repeatedly that neuroscientists say your subconscious brain is fooled into thinking you are asleep. Thus you are switched into a relaxed state. You know, we’re only crazy to the extent of our capacity to function within our individual environment /society/ situation. Ain’t life grand? Haha

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