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The Secret to Winning Survivor Endurance Challenges

Hello beauties!

This post is for all you Survivor fans out there! As many of you know, I have a special knack for winning endurance challenges. This is not because I trained for them by hosting painful dinner parties where my guests had to compete with me for food by standing barefoot on a bed of nails…whoever lasted the longest got to eat the biggest piece of chocolate cake.

Seriously though, the power to stand on a log with your arm in the air for six and a half hours exists within you. And, the best news of all, is that you can call upon this power at any moment to help you out with any challenge.

Have a big presentation at work? Going for a job interview? How about asking someone you like out on a date?

In all of these scenarios, we need to tune into our inner power to stay calm when our adrenaline is pumping!

There is a simple and profound strategy to help us through these times that require our best.

Check out this video for the answer to how I managed to stand in my strength through a painful experience on Survivor. And, see how you can use my strategy to help you!

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Gina - Hi Parvarti! I’m a huge survivor fan; The first season aired when I was born and I’ve been watching with my family ever since. It’s always been my dream to go on the show and incorporate a mixture of some of my favorite Survivor castaways’ techniques (Yes, you are of course one of my favorites!) and blend them with my own strategy for the game. I’m about to start my undergrad at UC Davis this fall and my goal is to make it on survivor once I finish my undergrad and before I apply for my graduate degree. Anyway, I was wondering if you have any advice related to auditioning for survivor, preparing for survivor, winning survivor, and any other sort of life advice. I really look up to you and would freak out over a response! Also, thank you for the new mantra!

Sydney - this is such a cool video!! I remember everything about that challenge and also the same one in heroes vs villains. ur one of my favorite survivor players and the seasons u we’re in we’re my favorite. I’m only 13 so I was really young when they came out but I got them all on iTunes cuz ur awesome. I really want to be on survivor when I’m older and ur such a good role model

Parvati - Hi Gina! Congrats on starting at UC Davis! How exciting 🙂
For tips on Survivor casting, check out this interview with Lynne Spillman (Casting Director for Survivor)

Molly lackey - Hi Parvati! I love you and Survivor so much! You have amazing energy and perseverance. I am apart of the organization run by Alexis Jones who was in fans vs. favorites. It was awesome to get to see you guys play together! I want to be on survivor but I have a lot of health conditions keeping me from it. I hope to be better in a few years so I can play the game! I want to know what type of exercises you did to prepare yourself? I just bought a few books about Survivor so hopefully I’ll be great at the social game and strategy part!

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