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Eliminate Anxiety For Good!

I’m excited and grateful about your responses to my recent YouTube videos! Thanks for watching, subscribing and leaving your comments. Some of you have been asking about tips to reduce anxiety, so that’s what we’ll discuss today.

Here’s the deal with anxiety– it’s all about getting wrapped up in the future, and it’s a really unhelpful state. We never experience anxiety about the present moment (that’s either nervousness or excitement). Anxiety is always some worry or fear about something that is or could be happening in the future, right? Think about it.

When we break anxiety down, there are a few ways to neutralize it’s impact on us.

First, let’s take some deep breaths and do something physical to bring us into this present moment. This moment is where our power lies. We can choose from this place whether we would like to continue freaking out, or if we would like to choose something different, like peace.

For the sake of this exercise, we are choosing peace.

Great! We know we want peace, and we are feeling a sense of anxiety. So, how do we dissolve that anxiety so that we can experience peace?

We must explore what’s causing the anxiety. This is where a meditation practice comes in handy! Sit in the discomfort of the sensation, and ask what is this about? Break it down and look at it– you can journal about it if that helps. Sometimes just exploring the cause of the anxiety is enough to reduce its effect. Sometimes we need to follow the thread of the fear until we see that the effect of whatever it is that is causing the anxiety isn’t that bad after all.

This is your opportunity to shrink the anxiety by putting it into perspective with the reality of the universe. Remember, we are all tiny little specks of beings on the massive planet that is really just a tiny planet in a larger solar system, and even smaller compared to the whole universe! This is the whole purpose of meditation. We want to shift our perspective from the experiencer to the witness. When we identify with the witness (the one who watches us living our lives) then we can disengage with emotion and simply become aware of thoughts and sensations. They lose their impact this way.

We are all being protected by a loving universe that has the best intentions for you. Everything that you are being given in life is for your benefit to grow into the greatest version of yourself. So, if your anxiety is showing up because you have some big test, presentation or job opportunity— tell yourself “I am EXCITED!”

Studies show there is ZERO difference in the way our bodies respond to anxiety or excitement. Both emotions cause a surge in adrenaline and fire up our fight or flight response so we can perform optimally in a high pressure situation.

The only difference between anxiety and excitement lies in our minds. When we tell ourselves “I am Excited!” We are moving from a threat mindset into an opportunity mindset.

Now, we are ready to take on the moment with a positive framework, and we are more likely to succeed. So, just keep saying “I’m excited” over and over again until you actually convince yourself that you really are EXCITED!!

Also, watch this video to learn a pranayama (breath) practice can help you relax in just 3 minutes flat. Give it a try, and remember: You’re not anxious, you’re excited!

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