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Barriers Be Gone!

I have a self-defeating program about time. I tend to have the sense that time is running out and there’s just not enough of it to finish what I’m working on or do what needs to be done. This belief gives me immense stress.

Whenever I feel pressured for time, I can get really panicky. My throat constricts, my breathing is short and shallow and my brain just stops functioning. Does something in your life trigger similar symptoms?

For me it’s time, for others it’s being around family, thinking about finances, work, or dating. I get it.

Sometimes what we want comes easily and organically. But, most often the thing that we want the most in life is elusive and can seem just out of our grasp.

If only that person or thing wasn’t standing in the way of us achieving our goals, we would have it all, right?

Well, if this idea resonates with you, then I have an awesome practice with your name on it.

What we need to do in times of being blocked is to shift our focus away from what we perceive as the barrier and toward the thing that we want.

For example, I’m running late for a flight from NYC to SFO. It’s the last flight of the night and I have a huge meeting in the morning that I cannot miss. I’m in the taxi about 10 minutes away from the airport when I get an alert on my phone that my plane is boarding. AGHHH!!! Red hot alarm bells sound in my ears. I watch my mind start to spiral into desperation, “I’m never gonna make it. It’s impossible. There’s not enough time!!! I’m going to get fired. I’m gonna DIE!!!!”

Our mind in the grips of fear is never very rational, is it?

Thankfully, I catch myself before I have a truly horrible experience and I turn my mind to a mantra — it’s a powerful mantra to move through obstacles. I start repeating this mantra in mind and I envision myself cruising through security, sprinting down the terminal and arriving at the gate in time to settle into my seat before take off.

Guess, what happened?

It worked!! My vision became reality, and I slumped in my seat breathless 5 minutes before they closed the gate.

If you have ever been caught up by an obstacle that seems beyond your control, I want you to have this secret power.

Please watch this video and give this practice a try. Let me know what barriers you overcome with your newfound power!!

Love you guys!

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