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Pumpkin protein shake

Some things never go out of season. Pumpkin lovers rejoice. I’ve concocted THE most delicious pumpkin smoothie of all time. Pumpkin is a superfood that’s high in fiber and low in calories– making it perfect for sustained energy and fullness in the morning or to refuel after a sweaty spin class. Plus, the carotenoids in […]

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Moving Beyond Anger and Anxiety

From Jacinta: How do you deal with anger and anxiety? Hi Jacinta- In order to move beyond anger and anxiety, we need to work with their opposites. The opposite of anger is forgiveness. Let’s do a little exercise; think about being angry at someone. How does that feel in your body? Your heart contracts, your […]

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The Heart Rules

From Naomi: Hey Parvati, I was wondering do you go with your gut or heart in decisions? Or does it just depend. Please elaborate. Dear Naomi, Your heart holds the essence of who you are. My heart tells me what I truly want by expanding and getting lighter when some activity, person or place strikes […]

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