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Building grit to get you through

If you have a dream or a goal and you want to make that a reality, you must have the discipline and the grit to stick with it through good times and bad.

So many of us start a project, a diet, an exercise program, a practice of non-judgement or some other daily spiritual practice, and it’s fun in the beginning. But, at some point we lose interest and the motivation we once had starts to fade. We find ourselves getting distracted by other things, and our original goal gets pushed aside. We slip up and slide back down.

This can be demoralizing, and sometimes it’s enough to make us give up on that dream altogether. We use excuses and justify our actions, but deep down inside, we feel bad about ourselves. Why can’t we just see it through? Why do we always go back?

Well, here’s what I say. Stop beating yourself up! It doesn’t matter why you chose to eat that pint of Ben and Jerry’s last night, or why you stopped journaling last week. What matters is that you DO NOT give up on yourself. You certainly have what it takes, and by building your focus, self-discipline and grit, you will find it easier to get through the sticky parts and stay on course.

You may have heard of a popular TedTalk delivered by teacher and speaker Angela Duckworth. In it, she explains that grit, or the capacity to passionately stick with goals for the long run is the number one predictor in success for her students.

Grit works, people. It’s what you rely on when every other part of you wants to give up.

Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan says, “Keep up, and you will be kept up.”

When things get hard, you get stronger. Your brain changes and grows in response to challenge. Challenge yourself. Build your power and grit with this strong kundalini yoga kriya.

Leave a comment, and let me know how it went for you. And, if you like the video, be sure to subscribe for more.

Sat Nam my friends.

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New Video and YouTube Channel!

Hi friends!

Would you like to strengthen your capacity to handle the stresses of life? Are you ready to invite more joy and power into your world?

If your answer is yes, please go check out my new youtube channel. It’s devoted to practices including yoga and other life-affirming habits that will strengthen your body, mind and spirit. And, for those of you who love Survivor, we’ll be working in some insider videos with your favorite castaways (like the one you see below).

Make sure you let me know what you want to see more of and anything else you’d like to learn about.

Looking forward to having you along for the journey!

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We need your voice

XEmuW5Vv1EhrPWQ3-z2d8t6bl_fyo43aQA8oax-XzI0,yB_uJhRlDfN_CiJpEF9SRNeBeFQX2yWyHdQhOLHcIloI spent the weekend at the Yoga Journal conference in NYC where I met a yogi named Seane Corn. This woman taught a killer two hour class that had every person in the room empty of tension and open to receive some quality wisdom. Seane’s message was simple: What is it that you have been called to do?

Whatever that is, she said, we need you to do it. As the world gets more technologically advanced with iWatches slapped on wrists, cell phones glued to hands and earphones blasting beats– we are more wired in to our devices, and at the same time, we are more anxious and disconnected from each other than ever.

It’s estimated that by the year 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of disability throughout the world. Yoga and meditation have been shown to reduce depression and anxiety.

Yoga’s aim is to unite ourselves with our spirit and our breath so that we may become more aware as we engage with the world.

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, Americans have also become more open and interested in mindfulness, yoga and meditation practices. It’s all happening in sync because it is helping move us toward balance, Seane says.

Now, more than ever we need ways to unite human beings. We need more paths toward understanding. We need to build bridges of connection. If yoga’s not your thing, that’s ok. You can find other ways to bring joy and connection into your life and into the lives of those around you.

If you have a desire to sing, to dance, to start a club, to join a team, to teach– do it. It doesn’t matter if you look around and you see 20 other people doing it better than you. There is something unique about your voice, your personality, your talent that someone else will relate to.

Your voice is needed.

As you continue to walk forward in your truth, you will become more confident. You will grow stronger. You will make an impact in someone’s life.

Looking forward to building a happier future together.

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Ryan Shea - Hey Parvati!

Hope you are well. I would love to interview you in particular about your love of yoga and health for our lifestyle section of the site. Also a little Survivor chat too. When are you avail? Let me know, thanks!