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Receiving With Grace

As the seasons change, and spring charges full steam ahead, some of us are losing our minds as well as our health. What can we do to face these transitions with more ease and a sense of lightness? There is something we can do to regain our sense of calm and balance amidst chaos. Do […]

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Do This To Feel Your Best!

I am excited to share that I rocked my Paleo detox! I finished the 30 day journey last week, and I’d like to share some key takeaways with you. I know that some of you, like me, have been struggling with slow digestive systems, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, and skin breakouts. When I started the […]

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Week One Update – Paleo Detox

Wow! What a difference a week makes! Here’s the scoop about how I’ve been handling my paleo detox. Remember, I’ve committed to a strict 30 day no grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol or added sweeteners…yikes. I’ve been traveling a bit, so I was worried this whole house of cards was going to crumble around me. But, […]

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