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Here We Go Again…

Due to the rip roaring success I’ve encountered post man cleanse, I’ve decided to embark on yet another adventure in tilling my inner landscape. Today marks Day 2 of my kundalini yoga and juice cleanse. As we enter the season of spring, the body naturally wants to release the heaviness we accumulated in the winter […]

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New to Yoga?

I’m delighted to have received more than a few inquiries from you all about how to get started practicing yoga. If you are a beginner or don’t have easy access to a studio or class, I recommend that you check out The site hosts some incredibly talented teachers including my own, Kia Miller, who […]

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A bit of Kundalini

What Kundalini Yoga Means to Me

As a former devotee of Power Yoga, I loved the intensity of the physical work. The sweat that poured off my body in class felt like an instant detox. I practiced this type of vinyasa flow yoga for years, however, after sustaining an injury, I found that I was unable to function in my power yoga classes like I used to. I became depressed about my inability to perform my normal yoga practice and stopped going to class altogether.

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