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Will - You’re oh, so gorgeous, Parvati. :) Really love your smile. :)

gary - Did you use sexual intercourse to further your game on survivor? It was presented as if that really happened. A friend said that you had confirmed that to be true. I don’t disagree with anything that moves you forward in the game and you can use any skill you have. This question keeps going on and on as long as you are associated with Survivor. Is it true? If no, do you agree that it is a woman’s right to use this as often as she needs to move forward in the Survivor game?

Parvati - No. I do not agree that it is necessary or ok to use sexual intercourse as a manipulation tactic to further yourself in Survivor. That is most definitely crossing the line. Survivor is a game and sex is something that I consider very real and sacred. Flirtation and sexual intercourse are two completely different entities. As far as I’m concerned it’s fine to flirt to advance oneself in the game. Flirting can help build a quick bond with someone and make him/her feel special.

Peter - Hi, lots of poeple including me name you as a best survivor player ever. Do you agree with them?

Pete - Hi, how do you look on survivor? It was just great experience and a way how to make money or it was truly significant part of your life and it has changed you in some way. Loking forward to answer.

Mohammed - Hey Parvati, I’m doing a project on Third World Countries for my a.p lang. class. Which under developed country have you been to, that really changed your heart, and made you feel for the people their? Thanks for your input

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