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As a keynote speaker, Parvati is determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Her topics include leadership and motivation as well as addiction and healing.

Parvati has learned through her own life experience that developing the ability to handle an unknown future with both intuition and courage is a skill. With the right tools, anyone can learn how to relax and confidently face uncertainty without getting caught up in fear and anxiety. Through inspiring and personal stories of both success and failure, Parvati helps people learn to take courageous action, listen to their own inner guidance and focus on the things that go right in life.

Witnessing a close family member struggle with addiction, compelled Parvati to learn all she could about the dis-ease. As the Health Editor of, Parvati created a video series called #14Days in which she interviewed doctors on the cutting edge of drug and addiction treatment, people in longterm recovery, and those who’d lost family members in order to educate the public about addiction and to help reduce the stigma around it. She speaks on addiction from her own perspective and teaches the necessity of compassion in treatment. Her research into the world of addiction has taught her that purpose, a healthy lifestyle and connection to community are some of the greatest assets in living a life free of addiction. She firmly believes that as long as there is life, there is hope.

To book Parvati for a speaking opportunity, please contact: Luke Davis at or call 303.745.5545

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