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Digging Deep

“You gotta dig deep.”

It’s one of Survivor host Jeff Probst’s favorite phrases, and I’ve found that I constantly dig deep no matter if I’m challenging myself physically or connecting in conversation with a stranger. It’s important to know that no matter how far you go, there are always deeper layers to uncover.

This is what mediation is all about. In the beginning we skim the surface of our mind, watching the mental chatter and maybe getting carried away with it for a bit. Then, as we sit in meditation day by day, our minds start to relax, the resistance fades and we can drop into a deeper connection with ourselves. Here, in these quiet, still, deeper layers, we find the steady truth of our own nature. We are calm. We are powerful. We know who and what we are. We touch our greatness in these moments of deep connection.

If you’re encountering resistance to starting a meditation or yoga practice, please know that this is normal. Acknowledge the resistance. Notice the urge to get up and get out. And, continue to breathe. Dig deep. Then, dig a little deeper. Find your willpower to keep you in it. Stay in it. Breathe through it. And, relax into the void, into the deep unexplored parts of yourself. Begin the conversation with your soul, and discover your immense power.

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Grand Adventures Are Calling!

In a world full of uncertainty, how do we find freedom from fear?

For me life is one adventure after another. I enjoy the excitement of following my intuition and challenging myself to take on big goals, even if logical thought says I’m crazy. Living this way has it’s pros and cons. One pro is that I’m never bored. I can always find something new to explore and someone interesting to converse with. While constantly stimulating, living an adventurous life that’s full of surprises can also be terrifying. Not knowing what to expect in any given moment makes me have to constantly come back to my own center.  In co-creating my life with the guidance of my intuition, I have to be my own rock. Building a connection with my intuition allows me to explore this world in a courageous way and helps me to handle life’s surprises with more confidence and grace.

I’ve noticed many people around me going through their own unsettling surprises. The media is also reporting that our world is getting more and more unstable and chaotic with each passing day.

How can we become our own rocks in this rapidly changing world?

Well, first of all, we must begin to trust ourselves. Our intuition is very quiet and can easily be missed or pushed aside if we think other people have more skill, knowledge or experience than us. The most important thing you can do in creating your best life is to learn to trust yourself as the expert of your life. Your gut will lead you toward joy and expansion. If you know in your gut that something is right for you, then you must follow that feeling.

There are ways to deepen the connection with our intuition. Being open and willing to try something new allows us to experience the power of our intuition. Travel is one of the greatest and fastest ways to open up to our inner voice. This world is loud. We need to escape to quieter, more soothing environments to hear ourselves. Connecting with nature has also shown to enhance our bodies’ healing capabilities and to make us happier.

Feeling supported as we nervously try new things will also help us grow into our greatness. That’s why all the best athletes have coaches– we need other people to see the greatness in us when we aren’t feeling it ourselves.

When we take time away from daily life and explore the world around us, we discover hidden talents and gifts. I’d love to help you find your hidden strengths and guide you toward a deeper connection with your inner self. Please join me and fellow Survivor Jenny Guzon-Bae for a 5 day/4 night adventure yoga retreat in the healing White Mountains of New Hampshire this June.

To sign up for the retreat click here.

White Mountains retreat







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Happiness is…

This week Google photos asked me to partner up with them to test out their new photo app that organizes all your photos and allows you to edit and share your favorites. I am always excited to discover new apps, so I agreed and have been playing around with it for a few days.

The best part about the app is that it takes your photos and organizes them by facial recognition, places and things. So, I’ve been typing in words that make me feel good, like beaches and babies. It found some great shots and brought back some heart-warming memories. This is my favorite photo that it came back with. Last December my family all converged for the holidays on Amelia Island, Georgia.

amelia island

It had been a while since we had all been together, and we’d been through some difficult experiences that year. It meant so much to me to be together to walk the beach and reconnect with my mom, dad, sister and brother for a few uninterrupted days.

This photo helps to bring me back to a happy moment that is now impressed into my heart.

I wish you all a wonderful fall season full of love, friends, family and big laughs.

If you want to learn more about google photos, copy and paste this link into your browser:

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